Mortgage Underwriter Jumpstart Package - (LEVEL 2 MASTERY)



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Save big with our Mortgage Underwriter Jumpstart Package - (LEVEL 2 MASTERY), and finalize the steps to become a Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU®-CMMU) today. The LEVEL 2 package includes the rest of the below items required to obtain your NAMU®-CMMU certification.


  • FHA/VA Underwriting - "For Mortgage Underwriters"
  • Due Diligence - "Learn Manual Underwriting"
  • Calculating Income, LTV, & DTI Workshop
  • Appraisal Review Workshop - "Intensive Study"
  • Tax Return Analysis Workshop - "Examine Self-Employed Borrowers"
  • 1-Hour Timed Online Proctored Exam
  • NAMU®-CMMU Certification


**IMPORTANT: To obtian the NAMU®-CMMU® certification, student must first complete the Mortgage Underwriter Jumpstart Package - (LEVEL 1 MASTERY), which contains the Mortgage Underwriter 101 & Adv. Underwriting classes needed for NAMU®-CMMU® certification.


Note: The course outline above may not be 100% accurate as we change curriculum periodically throughout the year. We also reserve the right to change course curriculum and/or discontinue this course at any time.


  • Instructor-Led Online Webinar
  • Duration: 24/7 Access for 1-Year
  • All Course Materials are Downloaded as PDF Files
  • Certificate of Completion Downloaded as a PDF File


Aspiring mortgage processors & underwriters wishing to learn mortgage underwriting, from A to Z. Whether you're unemployed and looking to enter the mortgage underwriting profession, or you're currently working at a bank or lender as an underwriter or processor, this training program will provide the skills you need to succeed as an effective mortgage professional. Also ideal for loan processing & underwriting managers looking to train their existing staff on underwriting principles.


As soon as you enroll, we will e-mail you links and passwords to access the Instructor-Led Online Webinar & Course Materials, so you can start taking the training IMMEDIATELY.


Each CampusMortgage® instructor has an average of 15+ years of prior mortgage related experience. Each instructor also draws from a different knowledge base that may include such areas as: mortgage underwriting, loan processing, FHA, VA, Conventional loans, Commercial lending, USDA Rural Housing Loans and more. 


You will need the following: 1) a Computer, 2) Internet (DSL or higher) and 3) Computer Speakers. Please check beforehand to make sure these items are working properly. Note: dial-up internet connection will not work and wireless internet must have a full signal. 


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to download & save your Certificate of Completion as a PDF file.


Upon request, we can provide you with Job Search Resources which are simply considered a value added benefit of purchasing a CampusMortgage® training webinar. The Job Search Resources will be emailed to you as a PDF file, and contain various links to help in your job search process. These links include: mortgage industry networking sites, job posting sites, resume builder sites and more. Please note: The Job Search Resources are not to be considered job placement assistance as we view that as a conflict of interest.


Before purchasing any NAMU®/NAMP® certification program or CampusMortgage® training class, we recommend you thoroughly read our Refund Policy Terms of Use.

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Mortgage Underwriter Jumpstart Package - (LEVEL 2 MASTERY)
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